We’re busy at Battle Ground

On January 25th of 2022 we held our first degree of the year. We had a double Fellowcraft degree for Brother P.J. and Brother Paul. It was a good night of fellowship and fraternal bonding. We had a homecooked dinner and a well done Fellowcraft degree for two great guys.

In between our degrees we’re holding bi-weekly Masonic Education nights on Monday evenings. The following Monday evenings we hold degree practice at the lodge. If you’re a Mason in the area and are looking to expand your Masonic knowledge please keep an eye on our calendar and give us a visit. We do open most of our education nights to Entered Apprentices and Fellowcrafts. If you are an Entered Apprentice or Fellowcraft please ensure that a Master Mason attends with you to vouch for you as a Mason.

We recently brought a new Brother into our fraternity with an Entered Apprentice degree. I was personally excited for this man to join as I’ve known him for over a decade and he’s always been as solid as they come.

On February 25th of 2022 we had our first family and friends night. 29 people attended and we had a amazing time. We went through 9 pizzas and a tray of cupcakes. We had board games and the Mandolorian playing on the tv for the kids. They promptly ignored that for the soda and putting green practice game. The Jenga games were pretty intense that night.

Our Deputy Grand Master Richard Lentz and his son paid us a visit at our March stated meeting along with Rick Stoops, Past Master of Tippecanoe Lodge No. 492 who is also the Grand Sword Bearer of the Grand Lodge of Kansas. We had a great evening and enjoyed a good talk by our Deputy Grand Master.

We have a Master Mason degree coming up on the evening of April 19th. We will have a meal at 6pm and we will raise a Brother to the sublime degree of a Master Mason starting at 7pm. Please join us!

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